Second Life – learning as in 1927?

Second Life has been described as a taste of what the future online socialization will be. But does that mean that the door to future distance education is open to explore… The question concerning potential differences in pedagogy for online learning environment and traditional campus education appears; Why are we trying to build ordinary classrooms in a virtual environment? Aren’t we supposed to find new innovative educational ways when new Medias are emerging? If not the pedagogical thoughts are developed in the same pace as the technique will all new virtual meeting places only fill the gap already filled by the telephone.

1927 was the year of the Swedish school reform “Enhetsskolan” – open and free for all.

(Arkivpost, kopia på inlägg på bloggen The Swedish Learning Space, Online EDUCA 2007:

  1. I think the real question are however there is any pedagogical benefactors – more than the obvious, distance etc. Are Human-like avatars better than imaginary ones; are world-like surroundings better than those of pure fiction? Have anyone tried to teach for example computer science inside a computer or neurology inside a brain or a spine: combining simulation with interaction?

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